Hair shine shampoo

The hair shine shampoo from Rebel for Happiness contains a high proportion of natural peptides that support the health of the hair and scalp . The shampoo therefore does not create a special scent experience, but rather has a practical function: it promises optimal care for hair and skin to everyone who wants the youthful shine of their hair back.

Hair shine shampoo with valuable natural peptides

The development of a miracle shampoo has been waiting for decades. Rebel for Happiness fulfills the wish for such a miracle and has a special hair shine shampoo that both cleanses and nourishes . The hair care contains plenty of natural peptides, which are said to be true miracles in the field of cosmetics. Based on this assumption, the valuable peptides are among the most expensive ingredients used in cosmetics. Due to their positive effect, Rebel for Happiness uses natural peptides generously and obtains them from whey protein using so-called biofermentation.

Hair shine shampoo to care for hair and scalp

In the area of ​​hair and skin care, peptides have a versatile effect. The hair shine shampoo, which contains valuable ingredients, helps, among other things, to smooth wrinkles. This effect is noticeable in hair care, as the peptides wrap around each individual hair and in this way help to smooth the outer layer. In this way, the individual hair can reflect the light better and therefore appears healthier and shinier. At the same time, the natural peptides organize themselves with the peptides from the scalp to form a protective peptide coat. This helps to protect the previously cleansed scalp and allows for gentle cleaning. The peptide coat takes on exactly the task that the acid or hydrolipid coat cannot do: it fends off the attack of surfactants and in this way protects the internal lipids of the scalp from being dissolved out. This effect not only has a positive effect on the hair and scalp, but also on the skin in general.

A hair shine shampoo for all hair types

The peptides contained in the shampoo organize a protective peptide coat that protects hair and skin. This effect is of great importance when washing your hair, showering or bathing. The foam strengthens hair and skin and provides lasting protection from attacks by aggressive surfactants. If you want, you can spread the foam onto your hair and skin. The hair shine shampoo helps care for the entire body.

Since the peptides it contains help care for sensitive hair, scalp and body skin, they can be used for almost all hair and skin types. Especially those who use shampoo daily or several times a week, use skin cream regularly or want to make dry skin more supple will benefit from the natural peptides contained in the hair shine shampoo.