Einzigartige Peptid-Produkte und Whey Protein Hydrolyzed: Dr. Priemer's REBEL for Happiness!"

From the 100% protein boost
to peptide-rich care:
For your strength and beauty.


Sports and fitness

Do you want to be fit and vital? Now increase muscles and muscle strength to 110%. Or lose weight faster with the whey shake from Dr. Priemer®. Medically tested.

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How you can get more beautiful and healthy skin and hair. For everyone who loves instant hair shine and soft, healthy skin.
Scientifically reviewed.

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That's what enthusiastic customers say


"I'm a beautician. Use the skin milk soap to remove make-up. No skin irritation at all.«

Stella S.

Hamburg, Germany


I had very dry hands due to frequent disinfection. To solve this problem, I tried various hand creams without success. I was only able to see a significant improvement with the skin milk soap from Dr. Reach Priemer.

Marleen M.

Bünde/Westphalia, Germany


I eat a predominantly vegetarian diet and, as a doctor, I know that I have to make sure I get enough protein. The fully fermented whey protein from Dr. Priemer is really perfect for me.

Dr. Anna Puydak

Bünde, Germany


I have been using the hair shine shampoo for a year. I'm 61 and my hair is like it was when I was 20.

Ilona M.

Minden, Germany


After washing my hands, I always washed my hands with soap and then applied cream. I have been using the skin milk soap for 3 years without applying any cream.

Marita S.

Hanover, Germany


My skin looks healthy and fresh like never before. My neurodermatitis has disappeared.

Julia K.

North Carolina, USA


Thanks to regular intake of SUPER WPH, I can exercise more intensively again and sleep better.

Dr. Kirchman

Hemer, Germany


Even the first time I washed it with the hair shine shampoo, my hair was loose, easy to comb and it had a naturally beautiful shine. I now use it regularly on my Caribbean hair.

Alexandra B.

Dr. Priemer® – Lucky supply of the protein building blocks that are essential for survival

For everyone who wants a balanced, natural diet and body care important is. Who, after days and months of waiting, do not experience disappointment as is often the case, but simply want to be happy. For natural beauty OUTSIDE and INSIDE:

For everyone who loves flawless skin and shiny, healthy hair without split ends. Who want to protect their skin from the penetration of foam surfactants. Those who are aware of how dangerous it is to use cream containing disinfectants or emulsifiers. For everyone who wants to avoid or treat skin diseases such as neurodermatitis. For everyone who cares about the well-being of their children and babies. And for everyone who never wants to have dry skin again. For everyone who wants to experience peptide-rich products at a comparable price.

For everyone who wants to live fit and fresh - i.e. for those who are health and figure conscious.
For everyone who wants to experience happiness through easily digestible and quickly digestible protein building blocks (amino acids) and protein chains (peptides). For everyone who prefers the best organic value and complete, fast organic availability. Who want to be free from fatigue, muscle pain or stomach pressure. Those who want to maintain or improve their muscle and bone structure. Who may want to reduce their meat consumption. Those who want to continue to enjoy themselves and still live more health-consciously. For everyone who wants to strengthen their immune system and vitality naturally.

Hope becomes happiness

Your online shop for all the things that make life happier and enrich it: natural soaps , natural shampoos and natural Super-WPH. Plenty of natural peptides and amino acids for beauty INSIDE and OUT make the difference. Palm oil-free, silicone-free, cruelty-free, petroleum-free and plastic-free. Experience natural soap, washing emulsion , shampoo and SUPER WHEY PROTEIN at the highest level - for everyone who wants to live happily and consciously.