Hair building shampoo

Many people know the problem: the hair looks dull and tired, the scalp is dry. Both problems can be solved with a high-quality hair building shampoo that takes into account both the needs of the hair and the scalp. This means your hair will shine in new splendor, while your scalp can regenerate thanks to high-quality ingredients.

Hair building shampoo for natural shine and a healthy scalp

A high-quality shampoo should gently cleanse the scalp and give the hair a natural shine and protection. What initially sounds like a miracle can be achieved effortlessly with the hair building shampoo from Rebel for Happiness. The shampoo contains a generous amount of natural peptides, which are among the most expensive ingredients in cosmetics.

We extract these natural peptides from whey protein and use them in abundance in our shampoos. As a result, long hair is easier to comb, the scalp regenerates naturally and the hair appears with a healthy shine.

The reason for this effect can be found in the natural peptides that make up a good hair building shampoo. They wrap around each individual hair and act like a natural protective coat. In this way, the hair structure can be smoothed and therefore reflects the light more strongly. The result is a vibrant shine that makes your hair almost shine, while the hair and scalp are effectively protected at the same time.

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