High quality shampoo

If you want beautiful and healthy hair, you should always use a high-quality shampoo. This ensures a mild cleansing of the hair and scalp. The hair receives natural shine and is effectively protected, while the shampoo is gentle on the scalp.
For exactly this purpose, Rebel for Happiness uses a high-quality shampoo that contains peptides in a very high concentration and uses them to effectively and effectively care for the hair and scalp.

High-quality shampoo with peptides

Peptides are among the most expensive ingredients in cosmetics. Their effect is said to be almost miraculous, as they enable optimal cleansing and care of the hair, scalp and skin. Peptides in Rebel for Happiness' high-quality shampoos come from whey proteins and are used generously. Biofermentation, as the extraction process is called, is also patented.

The effect of a high-quality shampoo with peptides

A high-quality shampoo that contains natural peptides gives every head of hair intensive care. The peptides are used to smooth wrinkles and protect the individual hairs. In this way, the hair structure is smoothed so that it reflects light better. As a result, the hair appears brighter and has a radiant shine.
In addition, the natural peptides form a protective peptide coat that wraps around the hair and scalp. In this way, the high-quality shampoo prevents the internal lipids in the scalp from being released and at the same time repels surfactants that attack the skin.

High-quality shampoo for hair, scalp and body

A high-quality shampoo with natural peptides can be used for more than just washing hair. It also protects and nourishes the scalp, while it can even be used as a shower gel. By distributing the foam not just on the head but over the entire body, both the hair and the skin benefit.
In particular, people who wash their hair several times a week or even daily should use a high-quality shampoo with natural peptides. This can be used as a shampoo, conditioner and even shower gel while protecting hair and skin and supporting hair shine and compactness.