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Together in a great team, we firmly believe that fitness and charisma are the keys to true wealth.

We give amino acids – the building blocks of all life – the greatest importance in our diet and personal care. When we are young, our body needs millions of amino acids per second to form or grow, and to continue to exist after a certain age, because it constantly needs all of them for its ongoing cell regeneration . Our body is constantly renewing itself, otherwise it would die.

Amino acids are made available to the body from protein through digestion. The problem is: Proteins are mostly difficult to digest and make the body tired because of the digestive energy required. They can also harm the body if too many are administered at once and in too concentrated a short time, which is particularly the case in liquid form, as is very often the case today with protein drinks.

Therefore, if you want to supply your body with a lot of protein - as is the case in fitness or bodybuilding studios - it is strongly recommended that you offer it fully fragmented or pre-digested protein or the amino acids directly. Until recently, this was not possible because the fermentation of proteins immediately made the products inedibly bitter.

Over the course of 10 years, through persistent research, we have managed to break down milk protein more completely so that it is not bitter. We have been granted an international US and EU patent for this. It is now possible to do something good for your body with an adequate and concentrated protein intake instead of doing it harm.

Since all of our body cells are built with amino acids, you can also do beneficial things from the outside through the fermented proteins / amino acids and di- and tripeptides. – For skin and hair care .

The peptides protect the skin from drying out due to the surfactants in soaps and shampoos and also give the hair in the shampoo, which consists entirely of peptides, a natural hair shine .

Nutrition and personal hygiene also play an increasingly important role in biological aging: science speaks of +/- 20%. In order to counteract premature aging and keep the organic age significantly below the calendar age, a balanced, natural diet and body care at an early stage is immensely important, in particular the constant and sufficient supply of amino acids, which is most easily guaranteed by WPH.

It provides the basis for a high quality of life and enjoyment of life in old age. – To this day, I do sports intensively and keep myself fit and healthy. – As REBEL FOR HAPPINESS, I would like to share this attitude to life with everyone.

We would be happy if we can convince you of these natural products too.

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Pioneers of organic fermentation

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