Natural soap

Rebel for Happiness' natural soap consists of around 20 percent peptides that support skin health. Due to the high content of natural peptides, the soap is ideal for facial care and make-up removal. The natural soap made in Germany can also be used to care for your hands and as a shampoo.

Natural soap with valuable natural peptides

For decades people have been hoping to develop a miracle soap that both cleanses and nourishes the skin. Rebel for Happiness makes the miracle come true and has a natural soap that has a very high proportion of natural peptides. Peptides are among the most expensive ingredients used in cosmetics. In the field of skin care they are said to be true miracles. Rebel for Happiness therefore uses the valuable substances generously and obtains them from whey protein using so-called biofermentation.

Natural soap: care for hair, face and body

Natural peptides have a versatile effect in the area of ​​skin care. Natural soap, which contains valuable ingredients, is therefore not only suitable for smoothing wrinkles. On the one hand, the soap foam helps to cleanse the skin and at the same time supports its protective function . The natural peptides organize themselves with the skin's own peptides to form a peptide coat. In comparison to the acid or hydro-lipid coat, this takes on the task of protecting the inner barrier lipids. This means they can withstand the attack of surfactants and are not removed by them.

This protective function is particularly important for facial care. The natural soap is therefore ideal for removing make-up, cleansing and caring for sensitive facial skin. Thousands of Rebel for Happiness customers have already been impressed by the effect of the natural soap. The use of peptide soap is great for skin care, hair care and as an additive in the bathtub and helps pamper the entire body.

A natural soap for all skin types

It's not just people who want to pamper their bodies with valuable natural peptides that are enthusiastic about the natural soap from Rebel for Happiness. People who frequently use skin cream also benefit from the versatile effects of the soap. This prevents emulsifiers, such as those found in skin creams, from dissolving the barrier lipids and thus contributes to the skin's natural protective function. Prof. Dr. has this effect. Weber scientifically assessed.

There are also reports in which people with skin problems such as neurodermatitis also enjoy the positive effects of natural soap. For anyone who relies on moisturizing their skin to prevent dryness and make the skin more supple, we recommend using the rich natural soap from Rebel for Happiness.