Soap for removing make-up

Anyone who likes to wear make-up knows the problem: finding the right means to remove make-up is not that easy. Washing lotions and make-up remover wipes often not only remove make-up, but also disrupt the skin's natural protective layer.

While numerous cleansing products contribute to drying out the skin, Rebel for Happiness has developed a gentle soap for removing make-up. It is not only suitable for facial care, but also as shampoo and body care. Made in Germany, the special soap for removing make-up is of high quality and contains many natural peptides that allow for gentle skin care.

Peptide soap for make-up removal

In cosmetics, so-called peptides are among the most expensive ingredients whose effect is almost like a miracle. They allow optimal skin care and ensure a balanced, natural protective layer of the skin. Rebel for Happiness obtains natural peptides from whey protein and uses them generously in care products. The extraction process, also known as biofermentation, is patented.

Soap for removing make-up and its effect

A high-quality soap for removing make-up contains natural peptides that have numerous positive properties. For example, they serve to smooth out wrinkles and thus promote a smoothed skin structure. The soap's foam also has a high peptide concentration.

On previously cleansed skin, the peptides provide a balanced, natural protective layer by forming a protective peptide coat. This not only repels aggressive surfactants, but also prevents the inner skin peptides from being triggered. Especially when it comes to facial care and when removing make-up, a high-quality peptide soap contributes to beautiful, well-groomed and healthy skin.

Soap for make-up removal, facial and skin care

People who use soap to remove make-up, wash their hands frequently or apply lotion disrupt the skin's natural protective layer and may release important lipids contained in the skin from it. A soap that contains high-quality natural peptides counteracts these problems and allows effective skin care. A peptide soap is used both for removing make-up and for effective facial and skin care.