Shampoo for structurally damaged hair

Structurally damaged hair requires special care. The outer cuticle layer is often roughened and the hair lacks shine and suppleness. As a result, the hair appears strawy, weak and brittle. In order to rebuild the damaged structure, shampoo plays an important role as a care product. At Rebel for Happiness you will find shampoo for structurally damaged hair that will restore shine and suppleness to your hair while nourishing your hair and scalp.

Rebel for Happiness: Shampoo for structurally damaged hair

Shampoo should always nourish the hair and scalp. This principle also applies to shampoo for structurally damaged hair. For this purpose, Rebel for Happiness products contain one of the most expensive ingredients found in cosmetics: peptides. These valuable ingredients are said to perform almost miracles as they gently cleanse the hair and scalp while at the same time creating a natural shine.

Peptides have the property of wrapping themselves around each individual hair. In this way, the structure is smoothed, the hair can reflect light better and as a result shines with a youthful shine. The natural peptides that Dr. Priemer is obtained from whey proteins but also has other properties. Because they not only cleanse and shine, but also organize a peptide coat that protects the previously cleansed scalp. In this way, both scalp and hair are protected. Because Dr. Priemer uses peptides generously, the shampoo is recommended for structurally damaged hair.

Shampoo for structurally damaged hair from Rebel for Happiness

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