Shampoo without chemicals

A shampoo does not have to contain any chemicals. REBEL for Happiness shows this with a natural shampoo that contains plenty of natural peptides. It doesn't rely on an extravagant fragrance experience, but rather puts function in the foreground. The chemical-free shampoo cleanses hair and scalp, has a gentle and protective effect and gives the hair a youthful shine.

Shampoo without chemicals, but with natural peptides

Curly haired people and lovers of straight hair have been waiting for a miracle for decades. REBEL for Happiness has now fulfilled the wish for a shampoo that does not require chemicals, gently cleanses hair and scalp and at the same time effectively cares for it. The natural shampoo is chemical-free and instead contains a generous amount of natural peptides.

Peptides are among the most expensive and at the same time most effective ingredients known to cosmetics. True miracles are attributed to them, which is why the materials are so popular. REBEL for Happiness obtains the valuable natural peptides from whey protein using so-called biofermentation. The ingredients are used generously in the form of a chemical-free shampoo.

Chemical-free shampoo with natural peptides

Natural peptides work wonders and are primarily used to smooth wrinkles. The shampoo foam also has the ability to coat the hair. The peptides wrap around each individual hair like a coat and in this way smooth the hair structure. As a result, the hair becomes smoother and can reflect light better. The result is healthy hair that has a youthful shine.

In addition to hair care, a chemical-free shampoo also helps care for the sensitive scalp. The peptides contained in the shampoo foam cleanse the skin and organize themselves into a peptide coat. What's special is that this peptide coat performs tasks that the acid or hydrolipid coat of the scalp cannot. In this way, it fends off attacks from aggressive surfactants and protects the internal lipids of the scalp from being dissolved.

This property is very beneficial for washing the hair, scalp and the entire body. Because if you spread the foam all over your body, you can do without shower gel and conditioner at the same time. People who regularly apply cream are particularly familiar with the problem that the emulsifiers dissolve the inner skin lipids. The natural shampoo from REBEL for Happiness prevents this process and provides hair, scalp and body with effective protection.

Anyone who uses shampoo several times a week or even daily will therefore be pleased with the protective, chemical-free shampoo. Because it promises shiny hair and enables gentle cleansing of hair, scalp and body. The protective lipid coat also maintains the health of hair and skin, while aggressive surfactants are easily repelled.