Healthy eating

Healthy eating

For everyone who wants beauty and health from within and thus supports being young. Natural SUPER WPH and SUPER WPH Mango from Dr. Priemer ® for mixing or shaking.

A secure and ongoing supply of protein (the building blocks of life) is central to a healthy diet. Our body renews/produces 5 – 10 million body cells every second. Our skin, nails, muscles, bones and immune system in particular benefit from the intake of high-quality protein building blocks (SUPER WPH). Our ongoing regeneration is only possible with fermented (pre-digested) protein/amino acids.

Our supply consists of 1 g/kg body weight. With every exertion – sport, stress, infection, etc. – the body needs additional amino acids. In addition to a healthy diet, it is particularly important to supply the body with high-quality protein building blocks in order to ensure the ongoing cell regeneration of our body.

A lack of amino acids reduces this cell renewal, which, among other effects, leads to faster aging. Vegans in particular, but also vegetarians and people with high levels of stress should pay particular attention to this. The fully fermented whey protein from Dr. Priemer® , probably the most closely related to the body, is biologically most complete. It also offers quick and safe supply and no longer requires any digestive energy.

Dr. With the REBEL FOR HAPPINESS® products, Priemer® offers you the 20 amino acids, as well as di- and tri-peptides for a healthy and balanced diet.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • 100% organic value
  • Completely organically fermented
  • BCAA-rich
  • Micro-finely chopped, extremely quickly digestible
  • Best BIO availability in the small intestine
  • No gas formation and colon irritation
  • Purely natural
  • Lactose free
  • Less than 1% fat
  • Patented BIO process
  • Made in southern Germany


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