Hair care

Hair shine

For everyone who wants to experience youthful radiance

Healthy, shiny hair from roots to tips: the right care with plenty of natural peptides is crucial for this. Hair needs natural peptides to shine, grow healthier and protect the skin from surfactants. The natural peptides have the ability to lie on the hair so that it is smooth and the light is reflected better. This gives you youthful hair shine and protects your scalp at the same time. We recommend our unique peptide hair shine shampoo with 10 times more natural peptides than in luxury shampoos.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • 10 times more natural peptides when shampooing
  • Not a scented shampoo, but a functional natural shampoo
  • No more conditioner needed
  • For anyone who wants instant hair shine
  • Made in Germany

hair shine shampoo

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