Skin care

Skin care natural soap make-up removal

The new generation of skin care products with natural peptides. For everyone who wants more beautiful and healthier skin.

What is special about the new generation soap?
Clearly better protection against internal skin injuries thanks to the rebound effect. Just as an airbag protects against internal injuries, this is the case with peptide soap.

How does this work? Prof. Dr. Weber describes the future-oriented solution:
The skin-compatible, long-chain natural peptides in the foam organize themselves with the peptides on the skin surface to form a protective coat: the peptide coat. This does exactly what the acid mantle cannot do: bounce off the surfactants. – The peptide coat offers protection against pore-deep penetration of the surfactants into the skin. This is new because the inner barrier lipids, which protect your skin from drying out, remain in the skin and continue to retain water in the top layer of skin, i.e. prevent it from evaporating.

Report by Prof. Dr. Download Weber (PDF file)

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Contains plenty of natural peptides
  • New generation with air bagg effect
  • For removing make-up and facial care
  • Ideal for hands, scalp or as a shampoo for short hair
  • Free from animal testing
  • Made in Germany

Skin care natural soap

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