Sensible skin

1000% – TOP HYGIENE even for sensitive skin to prevent germs on the hands! Proper and at the same time good skin care. With moisture protection. Multi-wash miracle soap. Finally there is no more strained or even cracked hands. Prevention is better than complaining!

For hygiene reasons, it is best to wash your hands several times a day.

Patented world first: Automatically protect the skin from drying out when washing!

Is this better than re-creaming?

Yes, because no cream in the world is able to restore the lipids in the skin. Every wash with regular soap or shampoo damages the skin.
It often takes a few hours for the body to replace the lipids released by the detergent substances (surfactants). But what if the renewal doesn't work as quickly and completely as hoped? Often seen especially in young skin (0-12 years), as well as over-stressed or old skin.
Because hands have to be washed far too often.

Then good advice is needed. – But it doesn’t have to be expensive anymore!
Because this is exactly where Dr. Wolfgang Priemer and Prof. Dr. Lothar Weber . Dr. Priemer has enriched the soap with protective peptides. And puts the peptides (thanks to its patented extraction process) in abundance into the soaps at a low price. - Prof. Dr. Weber tested the peptide-rich soap and scientifically explained the protective function of the peptides. The report can be read here:

Report by Prof. Dr. Download Weber (PDF file)

Children's skin
Advantages for children and sensitive people at a glance:

  • Contains plenty of natural peptides
  • New generation with moisture protection for the skin
  • Soap: For washing hands and facial care
  • Shampoo: For more manageable hair and to protect the scalp
  • Free from animal testing
  • Patented extraction process for peptides
  • Made in Germany

Children's soap-children's shampoo-natural

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