Peptide cosmetics

Peptides take on important functions in the human body and fulfill numerous tasks. For example, they serve as messenger substances or act as hormones. But peptides have also become indispensable in cosmetics, as they support beautiful skin and strong hair.

What are peptides?

A peptide consists of a large number of amino acids. In total, there are hundreds of different types of peptides, each made up of a specific combination of amino acids. If several peptides join together to form a long chain, proteins are created that are of great importance for the body, skin and hair.

Proteins, for example, are one of the most important building blocks for beautiful and healthy skin. If our skin did not contain any peptides, it would be less elastic and would appear saggy and wrinkled. Peptide cosmetics therefore provide the skin with important ingredients and can support a healthy complexion in many ways. You can buy peptide cosmetics online from Rebel For Happiness, for example.

Why is it worth buying cosmetics containing peptides?

In the field of cosmetics, peptides are among the most expensive and valuable ingredients. True miracles and a versatile effect are attributed to them. Dr. Priemer therefore uses the valuable substances generously and obtains them from whey protein using patented biofermentation.

Cosmetics containing peptides promise to tighten the complexion, balance the moisture content and have a calming effect. Buying peptide cosmetics is particularly recommended for those whose skin is stressed every day by using soaps, shampoos and body lotions.

These contain surfactants, which can cause the skin to dry out by releasing the body's own lipids. If cosmetics containing peptides are used, the peptides they contain organize themselves with the body's own lipids to form a protective peptide coat.

This peptide coat repels aggressive surfactants and thus prevents the skin from drying out. In addition to creams and lotions, you can also buy shampoos containing peptides at Rebel for Happiness. These are specifically aimed at the scalp and hair, so you can look forward to a healthy scalp and radiant hair. In addition to head and hair care, the shampoo foam can also be distributed over the body, so that the scalp, hair and body benefit equally from the benefits of the natural peptides.