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Finally 10 times more natural peptides.

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Why natural peptides?

Healthy, shiny hair like that of the stars - from roots to tips: the right care is crucial for this. Your hair has individual needs and your scalp should also be properly cared for. Every hair type and every skin type needs special care. They only have one thing in common: they need natural peptides in order to shine, grow healthier and protect not only the skin but also the hair from surfactants. Is your hair dry, damaged, fine or greasy? Choose your hair care to suit your hair type. Make sure that the shampoo contains enough natural peptides .

The natural peptides have the ability to lie on the hair so that it is smooth and the light is reflected better. This gives you the youthful hair shine like the stars and at the same time protects your scalp. We recommend our unique peptide hair shine shampoo with 10 times more natural peptides than in luxury shampoos.

We only use the best: fully fermented whey protein , using a patented process by Dr. Priemer .

Wonderful hair shine right down to the tips

New strength right down to the ends of your hair

We declare war on dull hair fibers and brittle ends! A new ingredient helps strengthen hair from the inside out and repair breakage: peptides.

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Hair shine without split ends

Healthy and well-groomed hair like the one in shampoo advertising is only available with ends without split ends! Proper care with natural peptides for your hair is essential.

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More beautiful and healthier hair

This way you can achieve a radiant complexion and hair shine for perfect radiance. What is important is the quick, punctual supply of 20 amino acids, the building blocks of renewal.

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Instant hair shine
through natural peptides



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Customer testimonials


»From the very first wash with the hair shine shampoo, my hair was loose, easy to comb and it had a naturally beautiful shine.«

Alexandra B.

from Berlin


»I have been using the hair shine shampoo for a year. I’m 61 and my hair is like it was when I was 20.”

Ilona M.

from Minden

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