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✅ Reduce weight faster
✅ Maintain muscle mass
✅ Avoid the yo-yo effect
✅ ORGANIC fermented protein
✅ Patented by Dr. Priemer

Replace one food every day with this super protein drink

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How does it work?

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100% body-related amino acid/protein supply. – HEALTH FOOD.

The soy-free alternative. – The unique Super WPH with mango freshness from Dr. Priemer is ideal for anyone who wants to lose weight healthily, quickly and successfully.

With many well-known protein shakes for losing weight, the protein often reaches the large intestine undigested and, according to Prof. Dr. Weber develop toxic and inflammatory stink gas /H2S (hydrogen sulphide).

We solved the problem with our unique SUPER WPH from Dr. Priemer solved it: The protein is 100% fermented (pre-digested) in the dairy and thus passes through the stomach more quickly, from the small intestine to the muscles. This means that the large intestine is very likely to be spared from toxic H2 stink gas pollution. – And also the air you breathe.😉

The right protein also fills you up and helps build muscle. So if you want to lose weight faster, simply replace a meal with this delicious protein drink. And avoid soy , nuts and seeds in muesli. Instead, opt for oat bran.

👉🏼 Lose a few kilos quickly in 1-2 weeks.
👉🏼 Then switch to slow and lose 10 – 30kg over the course of the year.

Small proteins – big potential!

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Customer testimonials


Thanks to the Super WPH Mango from REBEL FOR HAPPINESS, I have lost over 6kg and now maintain my ideal weight.

Nancy N.

Oldenburg, Germany


Replaced one meal a day with the SUPER WPH from REBEL FOR HAPPINESS and I've easily lost 4kg. I feel in great shape. Thanks!

Laura K.

Düsseldorf, Germany

Beauty from the inside too

How the body benefits from microproteins from SUPER WPH mango.

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Fermentation explained simply

What is the fermented SUPER protein all about?

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100% organic availability

SUPER WPH is absorbed extremely quickly in the small intestine.

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